Down to 75

A lot of big names or in some cases, big busts, were let go over the past 24 hours.




Yesterday the Bears dumped off a 2x pro bowler and superbowl champion in favor of what Tim Jennings was told, ‘they were going younger.’  It’s fine, he will pass go, head directly to Tampa and start for Lovie opposite another Bears cast off, Peanut TIllman.

(Madden 16 has a trophy you can win now called the ‘Peanut Punch.’ Love it)

This initially was intended to be a tribute to Lil Gangster – because he is a gangster on and off the field (convicted DUI on the way to parent/teacher conference). Unfortunately I ran out of time for the tribute. Jennings is a really sound cover 2 zone corner and unfortunately came off a personal low production year. I think that low production is a product of a system in which the Bears gave the opposition all day all day to throw.

I can’t tell if it’s a good decision or bad decision for the Bears, but I’ll tell you that Lovie is making a huge mistake. No, Lovie’s mistake isn’t picking up Lil Gangster or starting Punching Peanut – the mistake Lovie is going to make is to start a 3rd shunned ex bear, Chris Conte.

Conte is fucking terrible. Awful reads, blown assignments, extra soft, etc



Nice run Fred. What? Wait, he is out of a job too?

Fred Jackson is one of the most reliable consistent back in the league. Is he the flashy Ferrari in the garage? No.  But he’s still plenty fast and happy to run over everything without giving a shit about your grille.

This is a total dumb-dumb decision by Bills. It’s fine that Fred Jackson is not Lesean McCoy. But if you are a Bills fan, you are really going to miss the reliability of Fred Jackson after Shady goes down. It’s only a matter of time.

Trent Richardson – Well he actually just isn’t good, so it isn’t a big deal. He was a 1st round draft pick so it was worth the mention. With that said, why it is really news is because being released by Oakland is embarrassing. I would be salty if I was Trent.  I think at this point he has to look in the mirror and say ‘I’m done.’

Even saltier though – Browns fans -another wasted pick.

Ohh wait got another Browns gem next….

Phil Tayor – cut. Another first rounder. He was the last player on Cleveland’s roster of 5 picks given from Atlanta for Julio Jones. Another wise decision Cleveland.

Come back later – we will keep updating noteable releases as they come